Our Global Campus

Our Global Campus

Leveraging the Power of Networks

Northeastern’s visionary 2025 plan calls for using the power of networks to accelerate discovery, collaborate freely and learn without boundaries. Our robust and growing network of campuses around the world enables all three of these goals, and CP&RE plays a lead role in planning and supporting the University’s work in each unique region. Learn more about each campus below.

Boston was Northeastern’s first campus, and remains its largest at nearly 8,000,000 square feet. From designing and upgrading athletic facilities, to planning new makerspaces and labs, to ensuring enough class and collaboration space, CP&RE is always engaged with the Boston Campus.

Home to the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security and the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Lab.

Home to Barletta Hall, a Field Hockey field and a track.

Home to the Marine Science Center, Northeastern’s Nahant campus offers degrees in Ecology and Marine Biology, and provides a pristine rocky shore habitat for research and education.

Roux Institute

Thanks to a $100 million investment from philanthropists David and Barbara Roux, Northeastern will establish the innovative Roux Institute in Portland, Maine. Its research and education activities will be focused on the leading edge of technology development, especially AI and machine learning, simultaneously preparing students for the careers of the future while also developing the local innovation economy. The institute has a robust network of partners including Maine's other educational institutions and several prominent technology firms.

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Northeastern’s first regional campus, launched in 2011, is centrally located in Uptown Charlotte and is closely connected to local industry. CP&RE has helped shepherd the campus through three periods of major growth, including the addition of a hugely popular nursing program in 2015, and the campus now occupies an entire floor of a high-rise plus a welcome center.

With the fastest enrollment growth in the network, Northeastern’s Seattle campus illustrates the planning challenges that come with success. CP&RE planned its first expansion just one year after the campus was founded, and has since added space several times in order to accommodate the influx of students. Its popularity is due in part to influential local industry partners like Microsoft, Amazon and Zillow.

Comprised of one campus in San Francisco and another in the heart of San Jose, the Bay Area location acts as a talent incubator and gives students a bridge to many local corporations and start-ups. CP&RE is currently planning for a second San Jose location, potentially including a welcome center and at least one additional floor of campus space, in order to support ongoing growth in programs and enrollment.

This campus was Northeastern’s first international expansion, and continues to offer multiple degree programs tailored to local economic development. Its successful launch in 2016 taught CP&RE a lot about working internationally, lessons we now bring to other places around the world. We continue to work with the team there, including supporting future growth.

Launched in 2019, the Vancouver campus takes advantage of a robust innovation economy, local industry, and outstanding natural beauty. The campus is currently housed in a temporary co-working space, but CP&RE is excited to help move it into 410 W. Georgia, which will be one of the city’s most unique and iconic buildings when it’s complete in 2021. The campus will be located on the 14th floor and will offer stunning views of both the ocean and the surrounding urban neighborhoods.

Located in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities, the New College of the Humanities had an existing curriculum of law and philosophy when Northeastern purchased it in 2019. CP&RE is taking on some unique challenges to help the campus expand, from working with an existing institution and collaborating with international stakeholders, to understanding local differences in codes and permits.