CP&D Sustainability

CP&D Sustainability

Northeastern University is deeply committed to becoming a more resilient, sustainable, and greener institution.

Sustainability at Northeastern

Campus Planning and Development has a strong commitment to ensuring that Northeastern University is a sustainable and environmentally friendly community. We take pride in our ability to work with members both inside and outside of the university to create a campus that is green, resilient, efficient, sustainable, and beautiful. Through the use of our NU Guidelines, Green Office Challenge, the Office of Energy and Management, sustainability related events, the Eco-Ambassador program, and many more, we are able to foster connections and pathways with a diverse cross-section of the campus and surrounding communities to create a rich knowledge-base of processes, procedures, initiatives, and projects that better our environment for all members of the community.

Goals and Accomplishments

The Northeastern University Update on Sustainability 2005 – 2025 is now available for download. This brief booklet summarizes the university’s commitment to sustainability, our achievements to date, and outlines goals for the next ten years.

2017 Northeastern Update on Sustainability

What We're Doing